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The ‘SUPER-A’ Warrior

by | 27th Jul 2020

I FIRST MET Geoff Thompson in 1978 when we drove up from London to Southport. He -along with a group of other karate students including my late brother Lincoln – was taking his grading to become a Black Belt. I remember Geoff because he towered over everyone else and was a bit of a joker. That said, the joker was absent when he went onto the mat to face an opponent.

Fast forward 42 years, and I see the same Geoff I saw back then but with a lot more edge about him. The 20-year-old warrior I witnessed fighting for a black belt is now a warrior fighting for disenfranchised youth. For you to understand who Geoff Thompson is – as a former British, 5 x Karate World Champion gold medallist – I have attached extracts from the transcript of a blog he recently posted at the end of an intense training session in his homemade dojo (Karate Gym). It will give you an insight into what makes this man a Super-A Warrior.

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