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by | 8th Feb 2021

WAYNE LÈAL and JOSH SALZMANN, the founders of Super-A – a fitness concept for mid-lifers – believe in the principle of people becoming biologically younger than their actual age. As celebrity trainers, they are disciples of a method that reaches out beyond celebrities and can reach all mid-lifers who have the will to achieve fitness and become a Super-Ager.

To promote the concept, they are partnering with Libri Publishing. Libri is an established independent publisher in practitioner skills that include personal development, medical training, and management techniques.

In 2020, Wayne worked with Libri to publish LONE W.O.L.F. (Wiser. Older. Leaner. Fitter). Since then, a partnership between Wayne, Josh, and Libri has developed, intending to make Super-A a globally recognised brand.

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