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Rebounding Perfection

by | 17th Aug 2020

IF YOU GOOGLE ‘rebounding exercises’, you will see over 28 million results, along with 300,000 Instagram posts, with the majority of them regurgitating the misinterpreted NASA study that used a regulation trampoline and not a mini rebounder. There is simply not enough peer-reviewed scientific evidence for many of the claimed benefits that you will see on these sites. I developed the JUMPGA mini rebounder training programme a mixture of high and low intensity cardio combined with yoga for top-level athletes and yogis. Borne from periods of self-experimentation after injuring every major joint in my body. Doing fitness training and rehabilitation on the mini rebounder (JUMPGA) means that you will not jar the physical body anywhere near as much as you would do on solid ground. The training is also endorsed by Yoga Alliance Professionals. I have used – and have been an ambassador for – the two best-known rebounder brands: Bellicon and JumpSport.

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