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  1. Psychology
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Prison Spirituality

by | 21st Dec 2020

HMP LONG LARTIN is a category ‘A’ prison that holds more than 500 male prisoners, including some of the country’s most dangerous offenders. There have been two murders at the prison since 2014.  In October 2017 riot officers were needed over a serious disturbance when 81 prisoners attacked staff with pool balls and forced them to retreat.  In June 2018 there was a report that the prison’s governor needed hospital treatment and spent weeks off work after a prisoner had attacked her. On September 30, 2018, a disturbance broke out and 6 prison officers were injured, 3 had head injuries.

Ten years ago, my friend was wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to a minimum tariff of 30 years imprisonment. Whenever I think of him, I can’t help but wonder how he manages to keep going. What is the point? What’s his reason to get out of his prison bed each and every morning?

He said that working on his appeal to overturn his conviction gives him hope that he will soon be free … ‘Being a lifer can be frustrating … It can eat into your mind and keep you awake if you let it.’

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