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No Saga Ageing

by | 4th Mar 2021

A FRIEND SAID he recoiled when a copy of Saga magazine (a British-based magazine for the over 50s) arrived in his post. As a joke, a family member bought him a subscription for his 50th birthday. He said, ‘It was the worst present, ever. I have always seen Saga as an ‘old peoples’ magazine appealing to a bunch of geriatrics less health-conscious and less adventurous than the people I know. It’s the kind of magazine that is not relevant to me, over 50, fit and getting on with life. People like me in their 40s, 50s, 60s see themselves as much younger, physically, much more youthful, and more able.’

He, like myself, see Super-A as getting ahead of the ageing game with fitness as the ultimate goal; ours is a demographic shift that will transform our world. Longer lifespans will be the most dramatic story of our age and will alter the balance of power between growing old and slowing the ageing process—forcing people to rethink the whole notion of ageing. Super-A’s have created an extended middle age — totally different from 30 years ago. Super-A’s are people who are biologically younger than their actual age and have a longer, healthier life expectancy.  They are changing society’s view of what it means to be old.

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