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  1. Health
  2. Lockdown Pitfalls

Lockdown Pitfalls

by | 3rd Mar 2021

I HAVE GONE back to the drawing board. Although I strive to achieve Super-A status – I am an expert in self-sabotage! My dietary habits, and therefore my general health, has not gone well, either in the first, Spring/Summer lockdown or in this dreary and cold lockdown. However, it turns out that for many lockdown has done them a huge favour and enabled them to modify their lifestyle for the better.

Zoe – a collaboration with scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, King’s College London, Stanford Medicine, & Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health – conducted two studies during the first lockdown relating to people’s eating and drinking habits.

The first study in the US clearly illustrated the shocking effect of increased snacking and drinking alcohol during the first lockdown period (between March and June 2020).

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