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Insta Yoga

by | 4th Mar 2021

AS A SENIOR Yoga Teacher and former Martial Artist, I’m not afraid to say that I am appalled to see yoga’s 5000-year old practice reduced to ‘poses’ such as the newly-invented “#comingoutofquarantine”! Yoga is not designed to be about acrobatic or gymnastic-style poses and how good you look on Instagram. The holistic yoga practice is there to combat the superficial spiritual and encourage mental transformation through movement.

Search ‘#yoga’, and you will find 92.6 million posts of people – including ‘celebrities’ – contorting their bodies into a pretzel shape in all sorts of photoshop-filtered locations.  Guess what? Most of them – and any of their followers who try – will hurt themselves as they attempt to copy poses that their bodies are not ready or designed for, but we will save that for another day.

I don’t teach traditional yoga, but my program: JUMPGA – a fitness-yoga fusion – upholds its values.  JUMPGA was conceived from my work rehabbing myself (following many traumatic injuries) and professional athletes, who still needed cardio and strength training that not even Power Yoga could match. Using a rebounder for yogic exercise lessens the weight-bearing load on the body, so it works well as a ‘prop’ for athletes with injuries or pre-existing conditions, in a similar way to using a brick or block in normal yoga practice.  With JUMPGA, while there is plenty of cardio and flowing movement, the focus remains on breath, range of mobility, flexibility, and body alignment.

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