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  1. Psychology
  2. Free Your Mind: The Importance of Mental Health

Free Your Mind: The Importance of Mental Health

by | 3rd Mar 2021

ONE OF THE most under-appreciated and overlooked aspects to achieving true fitness is mental health. Just as you won’t see real progression if you don’t eat right, you’ll never achieve true fitness if your mental health is compromised.

Times are changing, but there is still a stigma attached to mental health issues in our society. Those dealing with depression, anxiety and other issues—in many cases the result of modern life’s stresses and strains—often feel like they can’t come forward and talk openly.

Addressing these issues is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life, however. From a physical standpoint you can never reach your true potential – strength-wise and endurance-wise – if you don’t take steps to address your mental health.

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