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  1. Psychology
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Fighting Addiction

by | 21st Jan 2021

I HAVE QUITE a good sixth sense when I meet athletes for the first time and usually gauge within a short conversation their character. Charlie has a self-effacing characteristic that has dealt with the disappointment of defeat and turned it into a lesson. According to Former Olympics Coach James Michael Lafferty, ‘The difference between a Winner and a Champion is that the winner wins occasionally while champion wins with consistency.’

Who is Charlie Duffield outside of boxing?
More than anything, I am a doting dad to my two girls, Lillianne and Robin. My girls are 2 years old and 8 weeks old. I am very much a family man and always have been, even before I was a dad and a husband. I come from a big family, I have eight siblings and both my parents come from big families too. I’m also a personal trainer and fit my clients in around my boxing training and commitments, as that takes priority for me.

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