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Age to Youth

by | 4th Mar 2021

WHILE I WASN’T a really bad girl in my 20s, I had a lot of fun! I couldn’t wait to leave home after school, some ‘domestic goddess’ type courses and a driving test pass.  I wanted to travel, to make my own choices and to experience the World.

There ensued lot of trips; long ones to the USA and Australia, and short ones in between.  No one relied on me and I relied on no one.  I was free!  I behaved happily badly and looking back I was probably lucky to get away without official sanction.  Generally, I didn’t understand consequence and I didn’t get caught!

I was ahead of my time, funding my own lifestyle, and increasing my debt.   Culture, my family, my environment had equipped me for marriage, babies and an old-fashioned life of service to a good man.  I was very well-prepared to be a wife.  I looked forward to it, but until it happened, I was going to study at the University of Life and have a very good time!

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